The Process of the Job Search

2roads-blogsThe job search process is intimidating and confusing. Fortunately, there are some little known facts available that make this process more clear and more approachable.

Knowing Someone on the Inside Can Get You Hired

Maybe the job you’re looking for is posted online, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your interest to yourself. With so many applicants, more and more companies rely on the networks of their existing employees. Companies want to hire people who “get it” and who’ll click with the current staff.

You can start by creating a list of former co-workers, classmates, teammates, and more. Reach out to friends and acquaintances for informal advice and to learn more about their career roles. Learning about other people’s experiences can help you grow your career and enhance your own learning.

Hundred of People Are Applying For the Same Job

Hundreds of people are sending in their applications along with yours, so you’ll want to want to think twice before just sending one in. Make sure you really want this position. If you don’t, you won’t be motivated enough to do what it takes to stand out.

An Embarrassing Email Will Disqualify You

More often than not, resumes are thrown out simply because the email addresses they’re attached to are unprofessional. Your email address is like a handshake or a first impression. Make it lasting and professional.

Knowledge is power, and applying these facts to your job search will help you to switch up your process and land the job of your dreams!

Kick Bad Habits

2roads-blogs-3What we’re surrounded with every day directly affects our behavior. We create our environment and then it shapes us. Below are some tips on how to create your ideal environment to reflect the goals you want to achieve and how to kick bad habits that will hinder those goals.

You can literally change your “design” by changing your habits. If you want to be more productive, organize your to-do lists and planner. Creating lengthy lists can be counterproductive.

If you have a problem sleeping, put away your phone at night, take out any TV’s from your bedroom, or anything that omits light. Try leaving a book next to your bed instead.

If you struggle with over eating, use smaller plates to eat less. Maybe you work all day without eating, then come home, binge and pass out. Make time to prep meals so you can develop better eating habits.

There are just a few minor adjustments that you can put into practice today. Build the world around you so that your environment nurtures your goals and helps you kick back habits.


Go The Extra Mile to Show Gratitude

2roads-blogs-2There are multiple scenarios each day that warrant appreciation and gratitude. Saying a quick “thank you” is appreciated but, over time, has lost its true meaning in some cases.

Below are some ways to offer your most sincere gratitude when someone inspirational comes around and offers you a heartfelt expression.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
If saying “thank you” isn’t enough for you, there are many ways of showing your appreciation through the actions of kindness. You can write a “Thank You” card of, if you’re in a work setting, recognize the person or group of people in a work meeting.

In work settings gratitude can be shown, most effectively, through actions. When project deadlines are approaching, you can show your gratitude by staying those extra hours and helping each other out. The you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours method is most satisfying in work settings. There’s no better way to show your appreciation by giving someone your time and energy.

“I Really Appreciate That”
This is an alternative way of saying “thank you” only it further demonstrates your gratitude by recognizing not only acknowledging what was done, but who did it.

There are several ways to express your appreciation when a common “thank you” isn’t enough. Practice gratitude every day, and think of ways to express it with authenticity.

Surround Yourself With Successful People

2Roads-blogs (1)The people you surround yourself with directly affect your perspective on life, especially work. Below is a list of people you should definitely have around, for different reasons.

The Critical Thinker
Keep someone around that challenges you to become a better you, someone that asks the right questions. You’ll be forced to self-reflect and think about what improvements you can make in your life to be more successful.

The Happy One
Positive energy is so important! Keep that positive friend around as a boost or shot of espresso. That kind of mindset it contagious.

The Leader
This person pushes your limits because he or she knows your capabilities and, therefore, expects great things from you. This is the person that pushes with great encouragement and resilience so that you feel empowered and capable, just like you already are.

The Great Listener
We all need someone to talk to even when what we’re saying doesn’t make sense to us. Having that emotional outlet is vital to our mental health. A great listener has empathy, cherishes what you have to say, and may even provide feedback.

How To Respond To Failure

2Roads-blogs (1)Failure is the one thing that stands between people and success. It’s important to allow serve as a push or opportunity to become better at something or develop new practices and skills.

Here are ways to stay mentally strong so that you may build your way to success:


Avoid bringing yourself down if you don’t get it the first time around. Be impeccable with your word. Accept failure and build upon the mistakes you made by being supportive and encouraging, to yourself.

Maintain Proper Perspective

Make it a practice to keep your setbacks into perspective, and don’t allow them to affect other aspects of your life. Regulate your thoughts and emotions. Pick yourself up when you’re feeling down. One pick-me-up is to have gratitude.


Recognize each failure is an opportunity for you to try. By choosing gratitude, you’ll be able to move forward with a positive attitude, every step of the way.


Failure can often times bring out your weaknesses, but don’t fret. Do not try to cover up your mistakes or avoid them. Explore your weaknesses to learn more about yourself. Build a relationship with your vulnerabilities so that they may assist you in development.

Always Acknowledge Your Strengths

During times of failure we are so quick to recognize our mistakes over the many strengths we have. Evaluate your strengths and your uniqueness. Figure out ways to build upon those strengths so you can continue to challenge yourself.

Building mental toughness takes time and practice. It’s something that we need to do every day and it starts with the small stuff.

How To Kick-Off Your Career Change

2Roads-blogs (19)Switching careers can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time. You may do a career switch a few times or many times, working for startups or large agencies. Maybe you’ll even decide to start your own company.

No matter what path you follow, always come up with a plan and get to know the tools and resources around you. These tools can help you when you’re finally ready to make the leap. Here are some ways to kick-off your career change.

Follow The People You Admire

Surely there are people within your field of work that you look up to. Find them and follow them on their social media platforms. Sign up to their newsletter if they have one. Attend one of their talks if they’re local, or find some of their talks online. You can even check to see if they blogs or books that you can refer to. These industry experts will offer their advice and ego boosters as you’re making your career switch.

Check Out Online Classes

There are so many great courses online that are free or cost little to nothing. Brush up on your area of expertise by signing up for courses that specialize in what you want to improve in, or that provide you with information needed for your next job. Always stay open to learning new things.

Get Career Advice

Talk with a career coach may help you overcome any mental barriers you’re having during this transitional period. Will the help of a coach, you’ll be forced to compile all the skills you’ve honed throughout the different jobs. That’s a lot! You’ll find that by listing these skills, you’re assuringly qualified for more jobs than you though.

Make your career change well worth it. Find what you’re truly passionate about and set a goal. Heck, it’ll surely scare you, so let it!

Lead and Inspire Others

2Roads-blogs (17)Whatever role you’re in, there are so many ways to become a good leader that inspires trusted followers. Here are some ways to successfully avoid a toxic workplace.


Get your followers to buy into your vision by placing great importance on each team member. Listen to their voices and eliminate all fear. This shows that you value your team and trust them enough to get involved with your long-term goals.

Take Initiative

Take risks that get you closer to your goals. Go out and create opportunities instead of waiting for them to fall upon your lap. Always take initiative and involve everyone on the team. Motivate them to keep moving forward and to push each other.


Always keep everybody on the same page. By setting clear goals and keeping employees engaged, your team will start to set their own workplace goals. Make sure your team members know what is expected of them.


Along with keeping everybody on the same page, great communication requires listening. Learn as much as you can about your team members. Learn about their personal interests and visions within the company. You may find that they identify with certain opportunities in different projects. A great communicator is able to build strong relationships at work.